Breakfast Cereals & Spreads

May Contain GE
Non GE
Cottee's Jams
Flemings Vita-Crunch & Oat Cereals
Healtheries Mueslis & Marmalade
Kraft Spreads
Masterfoods Lemon Butter & Promite
Masterfoods Promite
Post Shredded Wheat
Roses Marmalades
Uncle Toby's Breakfast Oats
Barkers Jams
Blueberry Morning
Budget Products
Cotterill & Rouse Marmelade
Delmaine Port Wine Jelly
Foodtown Cereal Clusters
Home Brand Jams
Home Brand Products
Home Brand Wheat Biscuits
Jok 'n' Al Jams
Kellogg's Breakfast Cereals & Pop Tarts
Pams Breakfast Cereals and spreads
Signature Range Cereals
Signature Range Jams and Spreads
Signature Range Products
3 Bees Clover Blend Honey
Anathoth Jams
Arataki Honey
Ceres Muesli & Nut Butters
Ceres Nut Butters & Honey
Clements Honey
Comvita Honey
Constantia Foods Spreads
Craigs Jams
Crofters Conserves
Earth Foods Oats
Eco Organics Breakfast Cereals
Eta Peanut Butter
GP Vita-Brits
Harraways Oats
Harraways Rolled Oats
Hollands Honey
Honey from New Zealand is GE free
Hororata Honey
Hubbards Breakfast Cereals
Kaiora Organic Muesli, Grainola & Peanut Butter
Marmite and other Sanitarium Spreads
Mountain Valley Honeys
Natural Value Maple syrup
Natures Breakfast wheat biscuits
Natures Path cereals
Nicola’s organic musili
Peck's Spreads
Phoenix Jams and Marmalades
Pita Tahini
Rapunzel Chocolate and Hazelnut spread
Realfoods Breakfast Muesli
Roxdale Jams
Salisbury Flavour Pate
Sanitarium Breakfast Cereals
Sanitarium Honey
Scotch Oats
Shaw’s Squeezable Jams
Sweetmeadow Honey
Tri Grain
Vita-Brits Wheat Biscuits
Wildhoney Honeys
Woodlands Honeys